Technical and Security

This site has been designed for all browsers in common use within Windows, Apple OS etc. and is also optimised for mobile device use (best in landscape mode).

The entire site is secured by Certified SSL technology (see the https:// prefix in your browser address bar on all pages) and any transactions between your computer and Taxeezy’s server are encrypted with up to 256 bit industry standard encryption. This goes for both data entry to the site and any messages, email or internal, that pass between you and Taxeezy. Our servers are housed in fully redundant (backed up), secure data centres and have their own team of experts monitoring them around the clock to ensure optimum performance. There is no reliance on third parties for support or second tier networks for connectivity with in-house developers and system administrators working hard to ensure our platform is updated with the very latest security patches, as well as hardware and software enhancements.

Taxeezy has taken ultimate steps to ensure that any information that you give remains yours and yours alone. The system itself has been designed so that any tax-return relevant personal information, such as residential address, is only required at the very end of the process and only in order for your tax return to be submitted to HMRC. Taxeezy does not require, or store, any card information and this is only utilised by a major third party operator (Paypal) when the time comes to pay the fee. Taxeezy will only ask you to pay the fee after matters are complete and your tax return has been submitted to HMRC, with associated official and IR stamped receipt provided.

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Data Protection
Taxeezy is registered under the Data Protection Act. We treat your information with the utmost care and confidentiality.