Late UK Tax Return – Daily fines from 1st May

Well over half a million taxpayers are set to be hit with daily fines of £10 after failing to file their tax returns, The daily fines of £10 start from the 1st May.

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On May 1, three months after the January deadline, a daily fine will be levied on those who have not processed their tax return.

In addition to the earlier £100 penalty, they will be hit with the daily £10 fine, up to a maximum of £900.

Those who allow the filing delay to extend beyond six months are handed another £300 fine or 5% of the tax due, whichever is higher.

HMRC is then entitled to give those who fail to file within 12 months a tax demand up to 100% of the tax due instead.

Filing the tax return stops the penalty increasing and enables the appeal process to begin.

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