How it works…

When using Taxeezy, you are using a system that has been honed to perfection.  Rather than wading through endless forms, your personal input is kept to the absolute minimum. Whether you have to submit a tax return now or at some time in the future we make it easy for you.

If a query does arise, you have a direct link to an experienced team via a choice of secure channels, so there is no tiresome waiting on help lines for assistance.  You do not need speak to anyone and you won’t be contacted other than in response to a query, provision of information concerning a tax return in progress, or provision of information concerning a potential tax return.

If you’re unsure how to proceed, contact us, otherwise feel free to make use of the user login straight away:

The easy steps to your completed tax return within one to three working days *

  1. Register free and without obligation.
  2. Log in, have a look around and read the Guide.
  3. Complete a simple tick-box form, entirely without commitment. 
  4. We give you directions on the next stage which you can act on if you wish.
  5. We send you a detailed tax calculation with accompanying appraisal.
  6. You can raise queries and make adjustments until fully satisfied.
  7. You approve your tax return electronically and we submit it to HMRC.
  8. You pay our fee.

Having registered you have all the facilities of the site with premium support and 24 hour access free of charge.  We hold your login open for as long as you want us to and will delete it, together with any information, if you ask us to do so.

We guarantee never to use your email address, or other details, for any purpose other than your communications with Taxeezy concerned with the completion of your tax return.

All communications, including to and from the website login, are encrypted and employ the highest levels of security available.

* subject to responses and receipt of information.