About Us

The support team of Taxeezy combines over 100 years practical experience in the following fields:

  • Senior Accountancy
  • Residential and Commercial Landlord
  • General Self-Employment
  • Company administration
  • Administration of PAYE systems
  • Direct negotiations with HMRC
  • Creative Artistry

Taxeezy was formed in recognition of the fact that an increasing amount of people are carrying out the completion of their tax return online.  While this is catered for on the official government site, it was considered that this was lacking in the essential area of support for the individual in respect of their particular circumstances.  It stands to reason that an enormous government department cannot possibly apply this level of personal support and it was considered that, for a modest fee, which in most cases is more than recoverable in savings by the application of expertise, the whole process could be simplified and made more pleasant by the removal of the red tape that accompanies the official experience.  The other option, of course, is the High Street accountant with associated High Street fees.

In the matter-of-fact issue of the preparation and completing of tax returns, there really is no better way of catering for the needs of all.  It is this combined experience and team application that provides the very best support for the individual as whatever their occupation, or employment status, Taxeezy can relate to the practical issues involved.

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Support is the central issue and while there are many that pretend to offer, some at less cost, it is true to say that, as in most things, you get what you pay for.  Taxeezy is the original and the best, beware of cheap imitations!  We really do make it easy for you…

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Data Protection
Taxeezy is registered under the Data Protection Act. We treat your information with the utmost care and confidentiality.